Bruce Turlington Hardwoods Stay Away

Review by Lilly

We did not have much option on our hardwood flooring other than color with our builder, but ended up with Bruce Turlington hardwoods… We HATE them! We were expecting a much better quality from a brand name.

The wood flooring scratches and dents even if you drop a teaspoon on it and the wood look finish chips off also.

If you have the option, spend more on a better product! We wish we had the option, it would cost us an additional $8k to pull these up and put better ones down….

Note from the editor:
It’s always disappointing to hear when someone isn’t happy with their wood floor, whatever the type or company. Hopefully more will be encouraged to post their experiences too!


Unfortunately, upon investigation we found similar reviews on other websites about Turlington engineered flooring. Turlington is among the huge range of flooring products that Bruce/Armstrong offer. Whether these are the exceptions or evidence of an inferior product is definitely in question.

We can only hope that Bruce will address the problems and respond to these comments as well as provide appropriate compensation to anyone that has been put out by the problems with it’s Turlington flooring products.


In the maintenance section of your warranty, it may cover flaking finish but likely not hardwood flooring scratches and dents – it’s worth a look though.

For others planning to install wood flooring , if you have a choice, it’s good to consider the warranty as part of the flooring selection process. Just like when you’re buying insurance, reading the fine print is time consuming and daunting but may keep you from making an small, avoidable mistake that could cost big money. This time and effort will be worth it in the event you need to use it.


As Lilly mentioned, it’s also a lesson to those who are looking to save a few bucks on their home renovations – in the wood flooring installation is not the ideal place to trim the budget. There are inferior products out there.

If you’re working with a builder, check your options in advance. They may try to keep their pricing low by basing the estimate on lower quality products as standard. You want to be able to budget for upgrades if necessary.

Your Experience
Has anyone else had a good experience to balance out the bad or any photos to add? What has been your experience with Bruce or the flooring company you used?
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