Get the ‘Wow Factor’ with North American & Brazilian Walnut Hardwood Flooring

North American & Brazilian Walnut Hardwood Flooring

The Look
We can find a lot of variation in color within the walnut hardwood flooring species and even between boards. This is thanks to the contrasting deep, rich heartwood that ranges from chocolatey brown to a purply-black and the nearly white to tan sapwood. As with most hardwood, the lower the grade the more variation between boards but overall the look is warm and inviting. Shade can also vary depending on the finish – oil-based is darker than water-based.

Walnut Sample - Orange Walnut Sample - Dark Red Brazilian Walnut Sample Brazilian Walnut Sample - Dark

While some walnut boards have a curled grain and irregular characteristic knots, the pattern is more often straight and fluid. This is true for both domestic and exotic types.

The Characteristics
Durability of the walnut species is good in terms of shock resistance and strength, so it will not split easily. It is however by comparison less resistant to dents than oak. Don’t forget that it’s the quality of the finish that will add durability to the floor – it’s not just about the wood.

The domestic walnut won’t give you a particularly hard time for sanding, nailing or finishing, nor when making machine or hand tool cuts.

Brazilian Walnut has quite a few points to note as special care should be taken when installing, sanding and finishing the wood. Cutting the wood can be difficult and with high scratch visibility sanding must be done very carefully. Perhaps pre-drill and hand-nail for better results and also best to test any finishes before applying.

walnut pecan floor

For a more exotic look, Brazilian Walnut Hardwood Flooring might be more up your alley. The color has green hues over a yellow tan wood or can be a darker blackish brown and will darken to a rich brown over time.

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